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    Smart Logistics Solution
    The new channel for warehouse and shipping.
    Our solution is to make your logistical planning
    and management easier for your company.
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At Mister Kirim, we know that time is the essence. We use our experience in trucking service in Jakarta and many big cities in shaping what our company is today.
we are providing warehouse market place platform that supported by our extensive warehouse network. We provide solutions for whom that need on-demand warehouse services in a variety of sizes to suit any business requirements.
Exploring the benefit of our service for access extra freight and faster payment scheme.

What we offer

Shipper Facilities
We improve the service’s standard by digitalizing the entire of logistics activities while ensuring the service level of multiple providers.
Trucking Service
We play as the main role in providing solutions for shipper to find trucks according to their requirements. We also provide a high service level with accomodating the shipper with a shipping controller dashboard.
Warehouse and storage
Our warehouses network is all over Jakarta and it’s surrounding located nearby all major industrial area. Each of it is connected to multi modal transport providers.
Forwarding services
With our extensive network, we will find competitive and efficient solutions for your next assignment.
Sea and air freight
By using the combination of sea and air freight, you will bring added flexibility to your supply chain.
Logistics solutions
Smart and sustainable business requires the skills of logistics experts who are able to think ahead.

We are connecting industries

When customers need to simplify logistics to power growth while retaining control of their
operations, they can depend on us. We are enabling businesses of all sizes to conveniently
access a comprehensive suite of services to fit their supply chain objectives.
Join our growing team and work in a mission driven culture. We accept people who shares the same culture.
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